About Us


Industrial cleaning and management, transport and recovery of residual hazardous materials

A well-established regional company, Amnor Industries specializes in the industrial cleaning sector as well as in the management, transport and recovery of residual hazardous materials. Our team's mission is to offer Canadian industries global solutions in industrial cleaning, transportation and management of residual hazardous materials.

Amnor Industries has a working alliance with American partners operating, since 1994, North American Industrial Services, a large private industrial maintenance company operating in 17 American states. This important partnership allows the company to develop new ways of doing things that are always highly secure, and to offer global environmental solutions adapted to the reality of various corporate clients.

The Amnor Industries team is dedicated to providing its services by ensuring that it implements optimal customer service, proven technologies, safe procedures and professional practices. The company is recognized by its customers for its involvement, initiatives, past experiences and commitment to the region.


Safety and security

At AmNor Industries, the health and safety of our workers is our priority.


Respect for our customers, our employees and the environment is at the heart of our concerns.

Quality service

With our flexibility, we are always looking for more efficient ways to perform the work according to the needs of our customers.

Succeeding together

Teamwork begins when everyone shows a winning attitude and a real willingness to help each other. We are open to ideas, foster communication and share best practices.

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